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Manicure & Pedicures
Basic Manicure - Shape & polish  (add £3 for French)      £8
Basic Pedicure  - Shape & Polish (add £3 for French)      £10    
Standard Manicure - Shape Cuticle treatment, hand massage,
                             Clear or Colour polish of your choice                 
                             (For Shellac finish + £10)                £18
Spa Manicure-       A Facial for the hands! The Spa Manicure
                            provides an extravagant manicure experience for  
                            your hands and lower arms
                           (For Shellac finish + £10)                   £28
Standard Pedicure - Shape, Cuticle treatment, heel softening, foot
                            massage, clear or coloured polish of your choice.
                            (For Shellac finish + £10)                  £20
Spa Pedicure -      Softens the feet and soothes the soul -
                            exfoliation intense hydration with  
                            clean fresh blend of essential oils. 
                            (For Shellac Finish or
                            Severe Callus work + £10)                  £32
Callus Removal Treatments
                                 Callus Removal - This very effective treatment is ideal for
                                 callus sufferers. Treat those feet!! They so deserve it!
                                 If you think your heals are beyond Treatment - 
                                 Think again this treatment is trully Remarkable -
                                 you will SEE the difference in just 1 treatment
                                 See the picture below. This is a real person, the picture is
                                 not touched up.                           £25

To make an appointment, call today! Ann 07748280913
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