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 is proud to introduce La Spray Tan.
La Spray tan -  on your own £20 - Bring a Friend £15 each
Patch Test (if Required) - £5 (deducted from full tan)
La Spray tan - on your own £20 - Bring a Friend £15 each
Patch Test (if Required) - £5 (deducted from full tan)
Girls night Party Offer
Party of 5 - £15 each
Party of 7+ - £10 each & Hostess goes FREE!!!
Girls night Party Offer
Lovely Golden  or Brown Tan
Lovely Golden or Brown Tan
Alcohol & Paraben Free
Before Spray Tan
Thngs to remember : - Exfoliate Everywhere, If you need to wax or shave do this 48 hours BEFORE your tan, No deodarant on the day of the tan (you will go green - not a good look), Wear loose clothing, Remove Jewellery before tan (preferably leave all Jewellery at home), If you are tanning your face do not wear make up or moisturiser, If you have every had any reaction to make up or tanning products please ask for a patch test at the time of booking.
Before Spray Tan
After Spray Tan La Spray Tan Number 10
After Spray Tan La Spray Tan Number 10
A BIG BIG Thank you goes out to my beautifull model xxx See below for aftercare advice.

Aftercare for spray tanning:
  • Spray Tans work with your own amnio acids in your body. The DHA in the products reacts with these acids to develop and gives you your own unique colour.
  • La Tan takes 8 Hours to develop fully - Do not shower before the developement time has elapsed - Most La Tanners leave it to develop overnight.
  • The next morning or after 8 hours rinse off excess tanning product in the shower.
  • DO NOT use shower gel or any abrasive shower aids such as scrunchie wash mitts, you are best to gently rub your body with your hands untill the water runs clear.
  • DO NOT rub dry - Gently pat dry after showering.
  • Moisturising is the key element with Spray Tans to make them last longer. A moisturiser with a hint of sun is ideal as it keeps the colour build up and deeply moisturises as well.
  • After 5 days start to exfoiate gently so the tan fades evenly.
  • Always exfoliate for 5 days before repeating a Spray Tan so you do not get that not so lovely tortoiseshell look.
  • Enjoy glowing. x
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