Holbury Nails & Beauty - NailTek
Eyebrow  Tidy               £7.50
Eyebrow Shape              £9    
Lip                                £5
Lip & Chin                     £7.50       
Under Arm                    £10
Full Arm                       £13         
Half Arm                       £8
Bikini Line                    £11         
Full Leg                        £18
Full Leg & Bikini Line     £28
Half Leg                        £15
Abdomen                      £7
Abdomen & Bikini         £16
EyeBrow/Eyelash Tints
Eyebrow Tint                  £ 7.50
Eyebrow Shape & Tint     £15
Eyelash Tint                    £12
Definition Brows
A treatment of the brows Analysis and consultation of the shape length and colour, a full consultation on what you are wishing to achieve. A process of tinting, shaping and defining the brow to enhance your features and define the brow.
Definition Brows             £20
(Please note a Patch Test is required 48 Hrs before Tinting, this takes seconds, please ask at time of booking.)
To make an appointment, call today! Ann 07748280913
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